Matter is never without Spirit, and
Spirit never without Matter

(Rudolf Steiner 1860-1925)

We Believe

Knowledge of Biodynamic Agriculture belongs to the world and not only be the guarded secret of a privileged few.

Our Vision

To be a prominent Biodynamic Agriculture Organisation in Asia

Our Mission

To inspire and encourage farmers to adopt Biodynamic Agriculture practices.

Our Latest Activities

Spray and Pray for the Earth!

On May 30th, MDA member and their family member start stirring the BD500 preparation from 16:00 in each country. During this one hour, people...

Biodynamic Agriculture Practical Workshop #8

Conducted date: 15,16, 29 February 2020 and 1 March 2020 ...

Group Work at Member’s Farm @ Raub, Pahang

Tiger Hill Farm: before and result of 3 months after adopting BD farming. Farm is owned by MDA President, Dr Yap.

About us

Organic Farming

A not-for-profit organization, formed by a group of farmers and volunteers of diverse backgrounds; to promote and practice farming and gardening in Biodynamic approach based on Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy of furthering agriculture on spiritual-scientific foundations.