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ORIGIN OF Malaysia Demeter Association (MDA)

So they say “Everything happens for a reason”.
Way back in 2013 the famed International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT) was first introduced to Malaysia headed by Dr Michaela Glockler.

Dr Michaela recognized that good food is fundamental to good health and thus Biodynamic Agriculture workshop was included as another important module of IPMT.

“Foods must contain life to maintain life”.

It is the “life and spirit” of food which matters. The “life and spirit” gives food its energy and power. We need to appreciate that only the plant world is capable of actually producing new life through photosynthesis. Life is transformed light.
With this realization, we know for certain that Biodynamic agriculture is the future of agriculture.
International Bioodynamic facilitator Jakes Jayakaran, the past president of Biodynamic association of India (BDAI) was the first to teach in Malaysia in 2013. Other renowned international facilitators were Hans Van Florenstein Mulder; the Asia representative of General Anthroposophical Society and his beloved wife Ineke.

“ONLY when the last tree has been cut down.
ONLY after the last river has been poisoned.
ONLY after the last fish has been caught.
ONLY then will we find that MONEY cannot be eaten.”

Cree Indian Prophecy

The First Biodynamic Workshop

Callie Tai; the Malaysia coordinator for IPMT took the great challenge to organize the first Biodynamic practical workshop facilitated by Jakes Jayakaran from 1st - 4th December 2018.
This seminar was a smashing success and attracted 35 students from Malaysia and various neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. The seminar rightfully emphasized on “hands –on” practical Biodynamic methods for the easy adoption by farmers.
Students were eager on “How to do”. This need was perfectly met in the seminar. The first practical Biodynamic seminar was the proverbial “Spark” that ignited the fire storm. A series of seminars ensued to meet the high demand under facilitators Jakes Jayakaran and Teoh Chin Tiong.

Student Eny Ling from Batam, Indonesia went on to spread her love and faith in Biodynamic Agriculture to Indonesia especially Bali, Batam and Jakarta.
In Bali; Biodynamic is keenly pursued by Octavius and Dr Ida Bagus Kesnawa.

The Initiators

Ever since the first successful BD practical workshop; a team of volunteers led by Teoh Chin Tiong and Organic farmer Lee Ong Sing was formed. The imminent task of this volunteer team is to coach farmers “ how to do “ in their respective farms and orchards. The team has been actively visiting farms and orchards in Malaysia to assist farmers to start off with Biodynamic farming. They made CPP and composts on sites and helped farmers sprayed BD 500.

Legal Framework

MDA was registered on the fourth of July 2019 under The Societies’ Act 1966 as a legal Society with a Constitution governed by a board of directors. It has a democratic organisational structure, financial autonomy and its objectives are similar and compatible with International Biodynamic Association (IBDA) and Demeter International (DI).

Formation of MDA

Malaysia Demeter Association (MDA) was founded and formed by 12 volunteers; amongst them Teoh Chin Tiong who initiated it, Cameron Highlands organic farmer Lee Ong Sing, Justlife Organic chain shops retailer and IPMT coordinator Callie Tai, IT expert Joekie Thong, Organic farmer of Hillside Organic Farm Penang Jake CJ Harng, durian orchard owner Ann Lai, organic home gardener Susan Siah, Builder WK Lee, Wood Products Manufacturer SM Fong, homeopathic practitioner E Tsao Chen, Aeronautical Engineer Paul Ong and Chartered Accountant Dr KF Yap of [email protected]

Biodynamic GURUs

They were students of Biodynamic teachers Jake Jayakaran, Hans and Ineke Mulders. Some were students of Paolo Pistis, Elena Zaramella, Harald Hoven and Erin Simpson as well.

Vision & Mission

In MDA; we have a strong faith in Biodynamic agriculture and believe that Biodynamic is definitely agriculture of the future that is much needed to heal mother earth. We believe that knowledge of Biodynamic agriculture as espoused by Rudolf Steiner belongs to the world and not only be the guarded secret of a privileged few. Nevertheless, We believe in the followings:

To do things that we love to do.
To do things that we are good at.
To do things that the world needs.
To do things that we can be rewarded for.

Thus; our vision is to be a prominent Biodynamic agriculture organization in Asia, and our mission is to inspire and encourage farmers to adopt Biodynamic agriculture practices. MDA is thus results oriented and is committed to the necessity in preparing and distributing only Preparations of the highest quality as these are essential in Biodynamic agriculture.

The magical place

MDA Training and R&D Centre at fayfarm @raub

Nestled amidst the jungle reserves at an altitude of 1,500 feet above sea level is the MDA Training centre. It is located at [email protected] on the mighty Titiwangsa mountain range with a breath taking view of the Gunung Benum Mountain Range where the sun rises each morning.
The centre lies at the fringe of the jungle and is surrounded by a herb garden, butterfly sanctuary, vegetable plots, a durian and avocado farm.
The centre is used to conduct Biodynamic seminars and workshops. Our students are mostly from Malaysia; nevertheless some came from Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.
Our seminars are conducted by international Biodynamic teachers and MDA trainer Teoh Chin Tiong.
At [email protected], MDA has a research and development centre where we test out the efficacy of CPP, Compost and the Preparations.
We are also test growing herbs like dandelion and stinging nettle.